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Reveal Your Brand Identity With Your Specialty

  • When others think of your company’s brand name they identify it for everything that sets you apart from any other business.
  • From the voice of the person answering the phone, to the want-ads placed for hiring people, the cleanliness of the facility, the estimates, invoices, and order forms that customers, vendors, and suppliers see, and especially in advertising and marketing prospective customers absorb, you communicate your brand.
  • Market your strengths. Remove possibilities for others to take market share from you. Project that you are the best in your niche.

The J Howard Company can help you identify that unique selling proposition with stories that resonate with customer needs and wants. Customers want to feel good about making the “right” choice by buying what you sell.

The marketing and public relations services of the J Howard Company can prepare the client to accept your business proposition before a sale is ever attempted; help customers to make the transition from being a source to consider to a valued partner.

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