Use online marketing strategies that work. Be found easily and more dominantly for the more profitable services and products that you sell.

Penetrate more of the buying market with benefit-driven content that drives business to your website and telephone.

Advance your marketing, public relations, and advertising decisions based on solid facts about current trends and effective systems that are successfully used today by businesses of all kinds.

·         Save months of prospecting for new business.

·         Take your sales to the next level.

·         Quickly gain huge market share.

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·         Supercharge your marketing and advertising.

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Determine what you want with marketing plans that use just what you need.

The J Howard Company specializes in more effective strategic digital marketing strategies and public relations campaigns designed to be more effective.

Improve Sales Efficiency

Tell your story

Explain to customers why you are the best choice and give them reasons to choose you before they call you.

If you and all your competitors were exactly the same price, what would be the deciding factors for choosing one instead of another? Those factors merit a higher price.

Be known as the go-to company, the one with the answers, the authority that has the solutions in your market niche.

Provide useful information and tell stories—still the best way to get your point made. Express what works and why. Tell how to avoid problems, and give examples.

Price need not be an objection to selling

Sales personnel are more profitable when the speed of building relationships has been simplified with the information online. Customers are then attended to by knowledgeable salespeople that assist customers with their demands, and can also reveal other services and products that the customers may want.

Give customers compelling reasons to do business with you. Support the buying decision with examples and facts. Remove any price objections that arise when customers don’t know what justifies your price. Firmly express your business identity and support your value.

Well written communications can improve your profit centers dramatically and at a fraction of the time it takes to answer questions. Examples help customers understand why you are the best and most logical source for solutions to their needs. Customers also want the confirmation that they are making the right choices.

Optimizing online communications

Content must communicate value to the clients.  Quality content informs and educates and defines the brand. Copy needs to be optimized so that search engines like Google find it.

Make it easier for customers to do business with you by better communicating your solutions and advantages. Justify the price by first supporting the value of what you sell.

Sales people thrive when they know they are providing the BEST solution for particular needs. Their convictions show through their manner, voice, tone, and their body language.  Salespeople are more successful when they know they sell the best.

Be perceived as the expert in your market, and support the value of your unique selling proposition. Contact the J Howard Company now.

A hint for headlines

Here is an excellent article about writing engaging winning headlines from Buzzsumo for your review.