Suppose you are a salesperson and you want to sell to a prospect you have not met. Obviously, your first best way to reach the decision-maker is through a referral. But what if you don’t have a referral?

After you have made your 8 to 12 contact attempts including telephone calls and voice messages, emails, letters, and visits, you may believe you have lost the battle. What you don’t know is that somewhere along the way the prospect may have searched your company name on the Internet. The prospect may have searched for your name on LinkedIn. Did the prospect find something that intrigues the prospect enough to allow the next step in the sales process?

Did (s)he find the search results saturated with listings about your company’s usefulness to his or her business?

There is an advanced marketing communications formula that works for using white papers, annual reports, catalogs, brochures, data sheets, case studies, sales funnels, e-mail campaigns, videos, speeches, Internet content, Web pages, e-newsletters, landing pages, guides, e-books, and a flood of online promotions including blogs, answers to frequently asked questions, social media information sharing, tip sheets, and more.

Justify how you provide the best solution to the customer’s problem with stories that explain why, and you will have an avid audience.

Producing eBooks, checklists, and how-to-guides help businesses to solve real client problems as well as establish themselves as thought leaders by showcasing their industry expertise.

Include links to others in your blogs and articles. When you include these links, let the owner of the site you mentioned know you’ve linked to him or her. This will improve your relationships with other site owners and can lead to natural backlinks that will skyrocket your search dominance.

Even though you’ve probably heard that blog readers want brief information, the fact is that the best-ranking articles in SEO are long. Take a look at the blogs by Niel Patel, for example.

Remember that Google rewards in-depth content, so, go deep! That’s where an experienced copywriter can help you, writing your “Definitive Guide To [fill in the blank],” for example.

To improve your articles’ results in Google, you should update them frequently. Google considers that it’s recent content even if it’s only an update.

This is a great way to keep your content fresh without making constant changes to your articles, and skyrocket your search rankings and increase the amount of traffic coming to your site.

If you don’t want to be hassled with these tasks, simply use the J Howard Company to get it done. We take the time to tell your stories as well as develop stories around your customers and what is most important to them.