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Protecting Your Brand with Reputation Management

It is reported that over 92% of online users believe information online than they do from salesmen or other sources. It takes a long time for a business to build a good reputation, and only a few seconds to ruin it online.

What are customers saying about your business?

Managing your reputation can be stressful and time-consuming. Any negative reviews you may receive need to be addressed and remedied. What your customers think, feel, and perceive about you and your brand directly influences how they interact with you, or don’t.

Your company product reviews are some of the most important opportunities for marketing your business online. This is useful because customers rely heavily on what people say about a company or product and the company’s response before they decide to buy.

One bad review can influence future customers not to purchase from your brand. But using this as an opportunity to educate and inform others you can counter negative or detrimental posts with positive clarifications and explanations, thereby showing initiative, professionalism, and solid commitment to customer service.

Reputation Management Goals

Reputation management will help you maintain and advance your brand’s image even if you are facing a reputation crisis or proactively protecting your good name. So what do you do if you have experienced negative press, an unhappy customer, or a negative or unwarranted comment about your brand?

There are several key components of reputation management including:

• Building up positive brand awareness and reaching out to new audiences while promoting positive content about your brand that ranks higher in search results
• Repairing or rebuilding your brand after negative press, and addressing any negative comments or submissions
• Pushing down the negative press, reviews, comments and submissions further from the first search results page

Negative content about you, your company, or your brand affects search ranking as well as sales. J Howard Company can saturate the Internet with positive content pieces that rank higher for important keywords that can effectively outrank any derogatory piece, and thereby effectively push the negative post beneath the search results’ predominate pages.

Use the skills of a professional SEO specialist to research and monitor outside content mentioning you and your business. Just call 269-532-1505 for a free, no-obligation consultation or click here.