Link Building Strategies

Link Building without the hassles

Don’t expect FaceBook “likes” or Twitter comments to make quality backlinks.

The more high-quality external links (backlinks) to your site the better the page rank and search visibility. The quantity and quality of your backlinks synergistically contribute to your site’s believability, traffic, and search rankings.

Link building partnerships develop a diverse link profile and build relationships with high-authority sources.   Attract links to your site with something of value to share. Work towards providing value good enough to get mentioned in other Web sites and blogs.

For example, a mortgage company Web site might include a mortgage calculator to assist buyers with determining the amount of home they can purchase.

Many successful online marketers publish white papers and newsletters beneficial to customers and associate businesses.

Link building services can also include local or regional citation and directory submissions, guest blog commenting, articles, and press releases with reports and information customers value and share with others.

Natural backlinks are an important search engine ranking factor.

It takes more time to build links naturally beginning with research and outreach.

Avoid the quick and easy advertisements to get links back to your Web pages. You will get penalized for it and then you have doubled your work to overcome that obstacle.

Give value and give it often.

Think about what your specific advantage is over the competition and publicize it with reports and articles to genuinely help your customers.

Share the information and spread the message far and wide, or, with specific groups, depending on the niche your information addresses.

Others will find your information if the J Howard Company produces it. It will be shared with others, and thereby linked to your Web site. You won’t have to ask anybody to “Like” it.

The J Howard Company can work with you to determine an efficient plan to jump-start your backlinking strategy.

Hint: is an excellent source for connecting with professionals all over the world. You may be surprised who is already registered in the site!

See also a backlink example at Manta. Here a business lists its name, location, and contact information, and builds a profile detailing useful information. The power of this and other sites like it are that it is a large and high-ranking site and is seen by many people seeking specific products and services. It’s 100% free.