Why Do I Need Social Media?

Social media has become a staple for online marketing for many businesses, for now. Almost half of all American adults have subscribed to at least one social networking site such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others.

Social media has influenced e-commerce and global business market growth allowing exponential business exposure. Smart online marketers use a dynamic social media marketing plan to maximize their ability to connect with potential customers.

But not every company will need or will have a social media following. For example, it is doubtful how many “likes” will be generated for funeral parlors or hospice service providers. It isn’t that kind of a business or clientele.

To build, grow, and maintain your company’s online presence, a few key steps can help to effectively reach and engage your audience.


Social Profile Enhancement

We’ll work together to determine where to allocate your resources and then customize your social media profiles. Then, we’ll progress further with audience engagement from a solid communication foundation where you are perceived as the expert authority in your market niche.

Provide your audience with awesome content; they’ll happily spread it around like a brush fire. They’ll post it on their social media sites, email it to friends and colleagues, and with a little luck it could end up going viral. Not only will it have a positive effect on your rankings, it will lead to more website visitors, and Google is taking an active interest in social shares.

Social Media Marketing Plan

Establish a loyal following using:
• Tip Sheets
• Blogs
• Articles
• Press Releases
• Social Media Site Posts (often used during and after trade shows and conferences) on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others.

The J Howard Company can help you can take advantage of a good social media strategy for your business. A few social media marketing strategy components include:

Interactive Communication and Exposure

Answering questions and concerns through social media draws customer interest, especially when there is adversity. Everyone is interested when things go wrong and want to know what was done to rectify a situation. That tells buyers of the integrity of the company and the care and patience it has with explaining something so others will be better informed.

Reduced Marketing Expense

Social media is a relatively inexpensive advertising platform. Social media can reduce expenditures traditionally spent on conventional marketing methods while reaching a larger market in real time. With today’s mobile devices, this is enhanced further and faster.

Competitive Advantages

Through social media a small business can grow and establish an online presence and following just as effectively and easily as a large corporation. By focusing on your market niche you can retain customers when larger competitors try to sell to your well-informed loyal customers.

Brand Recognition

By using multiple social networks you increase the probability of your brand being seen by potential affiliates and customers. The more your brand is seen the more people begin to recognize it and trust it. Your brand is then more easily accepted and sales are more easily acquired.

Boost your business with social media. Outsource it to J Howard Company.