Advanced Internet Marketing Success

Keyword Research

Advanced Internet marketing success begins with gathering the information that your customers are using to find what they are seeking. One fast way to discover this is to see what sites on Google’s first page results are using. Cross-reference several sites to see what they have in common and use good judgment as to what customers are searching for the most.

Ideally, the best keywords are those that are in high demand for your services but have low competition. The J Howard Company performs thorough research to determine the most effective keywords to improve rankings and attract visitors and more qualified prospects. Use the best keywords throughout your site; headings, sub-headings, first paragraph, and integrated into the text.

This is not a static, one-time-and-forget-it step. It’s an ongoing test to know what works best, for now. You will want to resonate with customers using these same words in your copy.

Markets change. They become familiar with products, brands, and services. They become better acquainted and perhaps no longer have the same needs they used to have. They become complacent. Good copy will revitalize and awaken the market to other solutions that the market wants and needs.

Content Marketing

Quality Web content adds value to a customer’s online experience. For example, how did you feel when you visited a site with poor grammar, misspelled words, and sometimes plagiarized copy?

Good content can propel your business forward with engaging, reader-friendly copy that delivers your message and positions you as an expert, establishing trust, and increasing your search rankings. Beginning with your Web site, and supported through off-site articles, press releases, case studies, social media posts, email campaigns and updates, and newsletters, your content marketing strategy can lift and sustain your Web site rankings in a short time.

Press Releases, Social Media, and Blogging

J Howard Company employs advanced Internet marketing strategies and tactics and can add fresh content to your RSS feed, blog, or newsletter, so you don’t have to be a slave to your website marketing efforts. Once articles, press releases, and blogs are published, social media sites will have something to share with others (known as “going viral”) and your copy gets read more. Search engines like Google love this!

Establishing a strong social media presence is a powerful way to further brand your company and nurture a loyal customer base. Search engines like Google give social media links more credibility to websites in their ranking algorithms.

It helps to build relationships with other authoritative bloggers. You can accomplish this by commenting on their blogs, and by linking to their blogs when the information is particularly useful to your readers, When you link to their posts, be sure to let them know.

Press Releases, Blogging, and Social Media are all proven organic tactics for generating interest and links back to your website. Your online presence can be shaped by periodically distributing unique press releases to targeted media outlets. Your blogs should reflect what’s important to your customers. Share with social media sites and forums your blogs and press releases. Tip sheets and checklists are also popular favorites.

The J Howard Company regularly works with publications for both online and print articles and advertisements that will further increase your company’s brand as a thought leader and authority in your business sector.

Video Online Marketing Tools

Use simple or sophisticated how-to videos, interviews, testimonials, before-and-after videos, and service highlight slideshows.

Encourage user engagement and enhance your Internet marketing.

Separate your brand with optimized message content and achieve greater viewership and loyal customers.

J Howard Company online marketing solutions can keep you ahead of your competition. Call 269-532-1505 today.