Convert many visitors into customers with good videos.

Over 100 million people worldwide watch online videos daily. Videos are easily shared on social media sites. Products and services easily promoted to the masses can quickly get people interested in your brand and its message.

Most customers confess that watching a video helped convince them to buy a product or service because it helped to inform and educate them simply and efficiently.

Differentiate your market niche advantages from all the other videos online. Tailor its message directly to your target market using optimization and marketing techniques beginning with quality content.

Your online videos don’t have to win awards for art direction, production, or other accolades.

Look at it this way. A major motion picture may have the most popular actors and directors, the biggest budget, and the most elaborate sets, costumes, and special effects. It may have the biggest advertising budget and open in more theaters. But if the script is weak and the dialogue is poor, it will quickly fade and die on the vine. The moral: start with quality content and planning.

Many instructional videos are simple or even crude, yet they are watched over and over because the information they contain is well presented and valuable. Often, one successful video leads to a series of videos.

Your videos need only substance and impact.

One of the most powerful videos is the testimonial—real people sharing their experiences—considered more trustworthy and honest than text on a page. Also, the variety of voice inflections and image stimulates interest.

Often, people appearing in videos need help with what to say, just as scripted actors in a promotional video or infomercial. The best videos have a script of what to say and when to say it, and include keywords to optimize the message and attract the viewer to the message.

The keywords also increase your brand’s search visibility as the search engines like Google reference the video in relevant query results.

Maximize your online video marketing exposure

Promote your video through social media profiles and sharing. Comment on relevant blogs, and on your Web site. Use press releases and other avenues the J Howard Company can help you with.

Video marketing can generate massive online exposure to markets you may not have thought of. Call 269-532-1505 today and explore more possibilities.