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Why copywriting is the fundamental factor of search engine optimization.

Web spiders and crawlers feed on fresh content and reward you for freshly updating your site regularly, but they’re mainly interested in the meta tags (title tag and meta description) to know the targeted keywords.

A common practice used to be that exact keyword(s) were used in your URL, title tag, meta description, and your H1 tag.

Not anymore. Since 2013 Google is in an all out war against over-optimization. Google introduced Hummingbird a few years ago for this specific purpose.

Instead, use synonyms and partial keyword matches to give the page meaning, but do not repeat the same keywords over and over.

Content itself is a vital element of SEO copywriting.

The major reason why people conduct searches in Google and other search engines is that they’re looking for useful text. Search engines also feed on fresh SEO content, which is why you must consistently update your site.

When a company communications director began to target multiple word (long-tail, meaning a longer, more specific keyword description) keywords in his blog posts, things dramatically improved. He said that “within hours of writing an article with specific keyword goals, we were showing up on the first page of Google.”

To write the best content that will rank well in Google, you have to target keyword phrases, and avoid stuffing keywords, also known as over-optimization.

Ideally, include the primary keyword in the headline, but make sure that it reads smoothly for your readers. Also include the primary keyword in the article’s conclusion.

Use alternative keywords in the introduction, meta description, and title tags.

Understand your reader. Focus on a particular problem that the reader is struggling with. Then, solve the problem with introduction/explanatory content right after the headline (and sub-headline if you include one in your content), containing at least one targeted keyword or long-tail keyword phrase. Long tail keywords typically appeal to people who are further in the buying cycle, and more ready to buy.

Note that over 70% of Google searches are for long-tail keywords, and as well as being easier to rank for, long-tail keywords are potentially more valuable.

Meta descriptions are the (150 – 160 characters) snippets of copy that appear right after the headline of the search results page when people search for keywords that are relevant to your page. Meta descriptions using searchers’ intent catch people’s attention, as well as rank well in Google. Just as headlines, meta descriptions have to be relevant, unique for each website page, and appeal to the target audience.

Google is always updating their ranking algorithm.

If you provide a concise, authoritative answer in your content to popular questions, you stand a better chance of ranking higher, and you may even achieve a coveted Featured Snippet listing (position zero in the search results, above number one).

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