Enhance the search results of your Web site with advanced digital marketing.

Digital Marketing emphasizes the importance of good design and development. Sites with outside social media links to a Web site are now one of the top concerns of search engines to push their popularity and results for specific words and phrases to attract more buyers.

Before embarking on an online marketing plan, it is crucial to first secure a foundation of excellent copy throughout your website. Ensure that you have content worth reading and worth sharing with others.

Build a comprehensive online marketing strategy that encompasses all dynamics. J Howard Company can help you identify your best Internet marketing solutions that will drive traffic to your website.

Offer more value

Reflect your expertise and your market niche advantages.  Outside sources will link your site because it offers value, and links help support the perception that your business is the authority in your business sector.

More customer loyalty is created through user engagement. Establishing and supporting your credibility creates unique brand image. The effect is a synergistic digital marketing plan. Each benefit support s and boosts the others.

Do a marketing audit

Analyze the strengths of your competitors’ Web marketing to determine opportunities to capitalize on.

Capitalize on digital marketing trends

Google continues to develop new algorithm tools to better classify what Google deems relevant, quality, and best for the visitor seeking information. The intent is to help people find better sources of helpful information and to rate those sites higher in search results while simultaneously rank lower those sites classified as lower quality. Several distinctions enable the programs to determine if the links to a Web site are also of high quality, thus, the site with fewer but higher-quality links will rank higher in search results than a site with many more lower-ranking links to it.

As Google search technology advances, competing for premium keyword position is essential.

Organic Content Is King

Google is the first choice for faster, easier ways to find exactly the information people search for.

The Googlebot (Google robot) spiders crawl the Web and analyze the text found on each Web page, and also factors in variables such as fonts, subheadings, page context, and the positions of all phrases and terms such as internal and external links, headings, and relevance.

Google has stated that Google PageRank is less important than the page content’s value. Google assesses a Web page’s importance in large part by the “votes” the page receives by interpreting a text-based link from page A to page B. Google PageRank uses the expansive link structure of the Web as an advanced organizational tool, and considers the relationship for all votes for a page.

Get higher Google page rank

Note that a greater value is placed from votes deemed as important versus those deemed less important. The importance is measured higher as the pages are shared in social media and blogs and other high-ranking sites. Therefore the content has to be valuable enough to readers for them to want to share it with others.

So, reader friendliness becomes even more important as SEO experts move away from old practices of producing texts in favor of sensible content that is concise and easily understood and remembered; the search engine optimization strategy used from day one by J Howard Company.

Google relies on its robots and spiders to find the best pages cited and shared by other high-ranking Web sites. By updating your Web pages’ code and integrating keywords into quality text pages you can ensure maximum impact on Googlebot spiders as well as readers.

But don’t take only our word for it. Take a look at http://backlinko.com/on-page-seo and also https://www.reliablesoft.net/5-on-page-seo-techniques-thatll-boost-your-rankings-checklist-included/.  At each site you can see infographics that spell out what is currently needed for good basic SEO from a search engine point of view.

Then when you are ready to put it all together and get a big jump in search results, call us at 269-532-1505 and get the ball rolling.