Add power and punch to your copy

Is your copy strong enough to engage your audience or does it need updating to strike the right chord?

Copywriting Tip

There is one piece of advice that will save some embarrassment and improve the delivery of the copy–read aloud what is written.

Notice if the words and meaning flow. Notice also if it is too long and requires an extra breath before completing a sentence. Reading aloud is where most misspellings are noticed, and that can have a very detrimental effect on the reader.

When you order copy editing services, you get an edited version of your copy, if needed.

J Howard Company’s copy editing services can help you eliminate embarrassing errors, add power and punch to headlines and body copy, and launch your next marketing campaign with greater confidence and results. When you order copy editing services, you get an edited version of your copy if needed.

Have your ad, sales letter, Web landing page, e-mail marketing campaign, or direct mail package critiqued objectively and economically.

Copy editing is perfect for clients that want a second opinion, or who need new ideas to improve an existing sales letter, e-mail, Web page, or blog. Copy editing services cost much less than you’d pay to have entirely new copy written.

When preparing copy for the Web, it is important to use keywords and phrases to the topic’s advantage. Write first for the reader (human) and then for the search engines like Google (robots). There’s no reason you can’t incorporate both into sensible information.

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