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Testing reveals what works best in different markets.

Copywriting for the Web

Getting customers excited in what you offer

Writing clear, relevant copy is one of the biggest challenges in creating optimized content that conveys your company’s personality and its message.

In the past, copy was often displayed with over-used keywords and phrases to get noticed by search engines and achieve a higher rank in search results for those keywords and phrases.

Google algorithms such as Penguin and Panda have helped to elevate useful, quality content. Convey messages and ideas concisely. Copy needs to help sell your products and services while also engaging readers using vocabulary variety.

Providing superior SEO copywriting services, the J Howard Company helps Web site visitors understand your unique advantages while also elevating your Web site search results. Because content is well written it is also more likely to be shared with others.

Quality SEO copywriting begins with knowing the targeted audience.

Most online searchers scan Web pages for fast absorption of specific information.

Just like direct-response copy, every piece of business-to-business copy is crafted with the same proven techniques designed to get the reader to take action.

Did you know, for example, that just as in print media, the reader first notices the images, then the captions, then the headlines, and finally the page text? If the reader doesn’t find what they are searching for quickly and easily, they usually leave the page and search elsewhere.

After writing hundreds of successful business letters, Web pages, email blasts, and business advertising copy, the J Howard Company knows how to communicate with C-level executives, entrepreneurs, brand managers, IT professionals, direct response buyers, and Internet users. If you sell online or through direct response or traditional media, chances are that the J Howard Company has experience with similar products and services. The topics may be different but the formula for writing effective copy is as dependable as ever.

In addition to Web sites you can have copy for email, direct mail, press releases, newsletters, articles, brochures, white papers, and catalogs. Technical materials such as manuals, use-and-care guides, business plans, contracts, style guides and other business writing helps businesses get approved financing for growth and expansion, or, sell or transition their business.

A marketing consultant works with specialists, asks intelligent questions about a wide range of products and services, from the simple to the highly technical, to generate clean, concise, persuasive copy.



Many small businesses prefer to use J Howard Company’s services by making their copy fresh and current. Your business will be the predominate source for answers to questions. Relevant content and consistent updates improve your value.

To be most effective, the J Howard Company will research and evaluate your target market’s keyword usage and your specific, unique selling proposition (USP) for your niche market.

Research into your industry exposes terminology and keyword phrases your customers use when searching online for similar products. Discovering trends and keyword use produce optimized content for maximum benefit.

Important online marketing questions to answer

1. What do (or what should) people think of when they see your company’s name; its logo?
2. What is the purpose of the products or services your company provides?
3. What makes your company better than its competitors?
4. How does your company deliver its products and services to your customers?
5. How do you communicate with your customers?
6. What would you like to see improved or changed?

These guideposts can help determine the sophistication of the target market and the level of awareness of products and services similar to that of your business.

The level of marketing saturation and the approach that will best resonate with your target audience can then be structured into a cohesive plan to awaken the audience’s desire for fulfilling a need or solving a problem that hasn’t been revealed until now.

The most effective Web pages incorporate understanding what the customer thinks with how a Web crawler ranks your Web site. SEO copywriting combines the most relevant keywords used in search queries with your company’s message using techniques that will help elevate your site’s search results position.