Local searcher seeking a business using cell phone displaying many applications

Using Local Search Marketing

To saturate a particular city or region then you will want to take full advantage of local search optimization techniques and strategies. Local search improves your geographically-targeted market search rankings.

For example, if searching for a motel in Chicago, the motels using local search, such as maps and online listings in directories, will likely dominate the search results over any motel not using local search.

Your business benefits with a strong local Web presence for a specific location. The organic value lasts indefinitely and little or nothing needs to be updated for long time spans.


Conversational tone

Google uses advanced algorithms (in programs like Panda and Penguin, for example) that help counter keyword overuse known as keyword packing or stuffing.

Perhaps you have read Web sites that use a phrase, such as “Chicago motels” in the Headline, Title, and repeatedly in its page’s text, as opposed to simply “motels”, as in normal conversations. You may notice this many times in a single page for several keywords or phrases.

Because it is so unusual most people quickly move on to another page.

Google emphasizes using a variety of descriptive terms and phrases integrated in the text.

The J Howard Company creates online advertising using advanced local search marketing through conversational tone.

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