Content Marketing Prepares Your Customers to Buy

A Web content marketing strategy helps drive people to your Web site, builds trust through usable information, and then helps convert them from visitors into customers. Web content needs to be periodically tuned, sharpened, and maintained to keep pace with or ahead of the needs of your target market.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing have algorithms that look specifically for copy that is high quality and engaging, is useful to readers, and makes sense. These algorithms also detect whether content is redundant and repetitious and Web sites can be ranked lower because of it.

Continually updating and improving your Web site copy keeps people returning, and search engines actively indexing its pages.

There are probably times when you need extra support for crafting email campaigns, writing newsletters, writing how-to articles, and other documents that reinforce the value of your company and its products, services, and people. When prospects see an Internet saturated with such beneficial knowledge, they naturally gravitate to it.

Internet Marketing Questions to Answer

1.   What differentiates your company from competitors?

2.   What do customers need to know about your company?

3.   What attracts more customers to your business?

4.   What are customers willing to pay you top dollar for?

5.   What is the most pressing problem your customers have that you have the solutions to?

J Howard Company can help you determine exactly what your content strategy should be to engage your visitors and convert them into sales.

There are excellent types of online marketing that can benefit your business:

·         Landing page copy including Home, About, Contact, Services, Blog, and general information pages about advantages your business offers

·         Location- or Geo-targeted website copy and Maps for services offered in a specific location

·         Press releases

·         Blogs

·         Articles

·         RSS feeds and company news

·        Tip sheets

·        Checklists

Every time someone clicks on your Web site they are seeking useful information—a solution to a need or problem. What they are not seeking is a sales or advertising pitch. Quality content helps develop an effective brand that encourages visitors to select your site and return again. Save the sales material for another application after trust has been establishing you and your company as the experts in your niche.


Make it easy for your customers to buy from you. Call the J Howard Company today.