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Digital Marketing Done Right

Digital Marketing Analysis Can Make Your Website More Effective

Customers will buy from those who they trust, so building trust and supporting that trust is priority one. The vast majority of purchases are made by customers who have researched the Internet to find what they need to know. For example, when searching for information about a make of a car, the shopper likes to know what others are saying about its safety, reliability, and cost of ownership, among other things.

We help brands through effective online marketing, penetrating the Internet and email clutter with unique stories, reviews, examples and more that customers can relate to before buying.

The J Howard Company helps build (or rebuild) company reputations that further strengthen a bond of trust.

Our philosophy
It’s not about our egos. It’s about the customer. Make it easy for customers to buy from you.
Goals & values

Anyone can tell you what you want to hear. We build trust by telling you what you need to know.

We help your customers find you.

By providing compelling reasons that motivate your customers to take action, we work to capitalize on your strengths and the benefits to the customer.

Online Marketers and Digital Marketing

Local searcher seeking a business using cell phone displaying many applications

Digital Communications favor the mobile devices over laptops and desktops.

Staying ahead of opportunities.

With the J Howard Company, online marketers have access to exclusive tools, methods, and knowledge—the same process for online success—that businesses nationwide use to dominate the search engines like Google.

You can take advantage of the same strategies that catapult lesser-known companies above more well-known companies, systematically and consistently for the most profitable keywords in your market niche.

Call your Digital Marketing Consultant at 269-359-6117 today.

Using honest, proven “white hat” methods and tactics you will avoid penalties associated with deceitful “black hat” practices that have penalized Web sites.

See what is working!  See what should be improved and adjusted. Tell your story in a way that will cause your customers to take action.

Don’t let your online marketing efforts languish in a black hole because your customers care less about your equipment list and industry jargon and more about what you can do for them.

Often it’s a matter of managing the online marketing technology

Working with designers and programmers J Howard Company gets just what you need and not a package of items you may never use or want. We work with clients at their pace and help them to understand the importance of why they are benefiting from (search engine optimized) organic content marketing and how to capitalize on technological advances.

Expand your market’s awareness and take control of your industry niche. Contact the J Howard Company for a free SEO consultation and free Web site analysis. Call 269-359-6117 and step into the lead of your industry niche.

If you’re not getting the results from your online marketing that you expected, you are doing something wrong.

Higher Internet search positioning is the reward your website gets from having quality backlinks, as well as good quality information and practical knowledge that your customers want and need.

J Howard Company can work with you to build the backlinks to your website, build your brand, connect and engage with more customers, and ultimately sell more products.

Marketing is changing dynamically and you should embrace it.

Get the advantages of today’s most effective strategies and tactics.

Have an email strategy that builds your brand.

Use effective headlines that appeal to your customers.

Distribute newsletters that people want and read.

Develop an e-commerce site that provides more than just a list of products.

Start with a Digital Marketing Analysis

  • Web site rankings boost within 30 days
  • Sustained Web site ranking elevation
  • Systematic Web site improvement
  • Advanced tactics and strategies

The J Howard Company brings together the goals of the business with the most efficient, cost-effective, proven systems using today’s technology and current trends and ideas.

The company specializes in strategic marketing and public relations campaigns designed to build trust and be more effective than methods of separate advertising, marketing, or public relations efforts costing many times more. With teams of communications professionals accessible by Internet, email, or phone, you are only a moment away from getting direct answers to your questions.

Our experience

There are Web site developers, Web site designers, and copywriters. Each has their own specialty. The most effective online marketers start with good copy and then build sites around what is important to their customers.

We simplify all efforts working with developers and designers so you don’t have to.

Consulting - 9 years
Copywriting - 10+ years
Design - 2 years
Marketing - 6 years
Printing - 10+ years
  • Tag/Keyword Research and Targeting
  • Web site SEO including Meta data for Title, Description, Alt tags, and more
  • Client-supplied content editing and enhancement
  • Web site submission
  • Blogs, articles, press releases, stories, etc. writing and submission
  • Social media sharing
  • Email message writing
  • E-Newsletter writing
  • (LinkedIn, Manta, others) profile writing
  • Build more trust faster to a larger audience
  • Enhance sales
  • Generate more leads
  • Increase exposure to your market
  • Educate and inform with examples and stories
  • Pre-qualify more profitable prospects
  • Pre-sell more customers
  • Secure your brand as the expert source
  • Establish better communication with your target market