Web Marketing


Next to the one big idea, that main solution that people want answers for, search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important Internet marketing key for an online marketing strategy. It’s used to enhance the dominance of a Web site’s organic search results. Keyword use and placement, Meta data such as descriptions, tags, and program code are components that can help elevate search dominance and exposure.

More search emphasis is currently being placed on sites with outside social media marketing links to a Web site, especially from quality points of origin and from popular sites.

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Before embarking on an online marketing plan, it is crucial to first secure a foundation of excellent copy throughout your website to ensure that you have content worth reading and worth sharing with others.

Rather than trying to saturate the visitor with everything you have to say about a topic, your cornerstone content can be broken down into segments highlighting specifics that your readers can easily follow and understand.

A Web site benefits most by having a comprehensive online marketing strategy that encompasses all dynamics. J Howard Company can help you identify your best Internet marketing solutions that will drive traffic to your website and get visitors to take action.

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Link Building

Use a link building strategy to get additional visitors through other sites linking to your site. Start with having quality information and focus on a single idea. That starts with organization of supporting knowledge and experience. Share it with others via social media, blogs, and forums.

Influence the positions of your pages in Google’s search results. The more high quality backlinks your website has, the higher it will dominate on Google and other search engines.

Links that point to your website are one of the most important positioning signals in Google, Bing, and Yahoo algorithms. Your site will not get high results on search engines without good links.

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Carefully selected links to outside resources can improve the experience of your website visitors. The websites you link to help your website visitors, and places your website into a larger perspective.

Let the J Howard Company help you gain new links to other high quality sources.

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Web Marketing

Pre-sell your prospects with Web marketing strategies that help answer customer concerns or questions before they ask.  Allow your customers to find you and understand why you are the best choice for providing solutions, services, and products that meet their needs before they pick up the phone to order.

Help your sales to increase with advice and useful tips that support and enhance your brand as the go-to source for customer satisfaction. Build thought leadership and relationships instead of just leads for cold calls

Instill trust in your customers’ mind by addressing what’s important to them through news, blogs, case studies, examples, stories, and more. Get the J Howard advantage and contact your online communication specialist today.

inbound marketing works like a business magnet

Be found more easily on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, for the products and services your target market needs from you.

Optimization services establish organic keyword associations with your company, brands, products and services. Proven, powerful organic search engine optimization strategies and tactics secure and maintain premium keyword positions of major search engines.

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Internet Marketing

Advance your Internet marketing beyond a good Web site with:

  • Story-telling pieces on a regular basis, such as a monthly e-newsletter
  • Social media presence maintenance including generating daily messages for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn that complement external messaging, drive traffic to the Web site, and increase reach and engagement
  • News releases, blog posts, case studies, and summaries driven by company research and publications
  • E-mail marketing
  • Pay-per-click ads
  • Banner ads
  • Release distribution
  • Link building tactics
  • Directory submission
  • Content strategy
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Be found easily and more dominantly for the more profitable products that you sell.

Penetrate more of your market with benefit-driven content that drives business to your website and phone.

Boost your online marketing, public relations, and advertising using built-in organic SEO.

Prepare customers to accept your business proposition before a sale is ever attempted.

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Reputation Management

Reputation management will help you maintain and advance your brand’s image even if you are facing a reputation crisis or proactively protecting your good name. What your customers think, feel, and perceive about you and your brand directly influences how they interact with you.

Be seen by more qualified customers. Let a copywriting sharp-shooter with the expertise to resonate with the target audience edit your materials for the Web and help ready-to-buy customers easily find you. Take advantage of the newer and better methods to obtain the best results possible.

Your company product reviews are some of the most important opportunities for marketing your business online. Customers rely heavily on what people say about a company or product and the company’s response before they decide to buy.

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Educate and inform customers and address and diminish negative or detrimental posts with positive and supportive clarifications and explanations, thereby showing initiative, professionalism, and solid commitment to customer service.

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When your marketing needs a boost get professional copywriting services to add power and punch to your message.

Clean, concise, persuasive search engine optimized copy for:


Bait Pieces



Business Plans

Case Studies


Direct Mail

Email Campaigns

Web Marketing



Press Releases


Social Media

Style Guides

Tips and Reports

Use-and-care Guides

Web site Analysis

Website Content

White Papers

Copy Editing

Supply us your copy. We’ll check it for clarity, grammar, and spelling.

Improve e-commerce sites. Get multiple text versions for similar products to help differentiate each one.

 Add spark.  Put power and punch into each “take action” message for all products and services.

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